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2 x Frozen Collagen [120Caps]
60 Capsules
Made in Thailand
100% Authentic

Take 2 Capsules after meal or before bedtime.
Appear with more premium Collagen because it contains 


Frozen Collagen Advantage:
Compared between Collagen Tri-Peptide and Collagen Peptide on the market.

Frozen Collagen can be absorbed faster and more perfectly 95-100%. Regular
collagen is upto 45% absorption only.

Frozen Collagen contains 100% pure collagen from loose & deep sea fish whose
content is almost similar to collagen in the human body.

Frozen Collagen contains Pure Collagen + Glutathione + Vitamin C in 1 container.
Usually Collagen alone can make skin whiter, clean specially when combined with 
Vitamin C, face and whole body to the fingers can be white glowing.

Guaranteed! All content is a PREMIUM Standard from Japan!

Benefits of Frozen Collagen:
Whitens the skin, Make the skin clean and really glow.
Gives nutrients to the skin so that the skin can produce new & Better quality cells.

Make hair longer and thicker.
Gives nutrition to bones, joints & can cure bone & joint disease though.
Strengthens Nails.
Make the nipples color more pink.
Eradicating acne. Eradicate scars.
Fade acne scars, wounds, black & chronic spots.
Helps detoxify the body.
Can protect the skin from the dangers of sunlight, UVA & UVB051



2X Frozen Collagen Whitening X10 Younger Brightening Skin Reduce Acne Freckles

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