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So CoQ Gluta & Collagen 1000 Mg. Whitening Skin Strengthening 30 capsules New
So CoQ Gluta Glutathione SoCo comes with a new portable palette package.
Glutathione that does not help to whiten skin alone. But it also helps with aging. The skin is not dry. Helps skin smooth slip bounce face to face bumps, blemishes and acne fade into the main price a little bit.
- Restore dry skin.
- dull skin from the sun to look white
- The dark patches of redness caused by acne squeeze.
- Skin smooth and clear.
- Baby clear page.
New So CoQ Gluta adds 4 key extracts.
- The extract of tomatoes (Lycopen) help the skin pink, not susceptible to the sun does not return to black.
- Milk thistle extract to remove toxic chemicals. Help the liver not residue.
- Rosehip (deep rose skin), deep skin, dull skin from less rest.
- Alpha lipoic acid (alpha lipoic acid) increase the absorption of glutathione.
How to eat
- White urgent morning before bed 1 tablet.
- normal one bed


3 x So Q Gluta Dietary Supplement Vitamin Collagen Skin Whitening Repair Bri

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