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Description           **Results may vary depending on the individual***           

Condition       : 100% Authentic brand new 

Brand            :  Callox

Size               :  30 capsules/ box

Quantity        :  1 box

FDA does not. :   74-107455-5-0370



CALLOX by Ultima Life CALLOX H²O, SLIMBIOME, MOROSIL Increase metabolism Slim shape, satisfying CALLOX Helps reduce body fat But still have muscle Reduce appetite Increase the rate of fat burning that accumulates in the body. 

Without symptoms, palpitations, dry mouth, dry throat, helps to reduce the absorption of starch and sugar Maintain balance in the body with extracts from Champignon mushrooms and brown algae Makes taking care of the shape easy



CALLOX net weight 33.54 grams, containing 30 capsules / 1 capsule (1,118.00 grams)

-Yeast Extract 220.00 mg./ mg.

-Champignon Mushroom Powder 200.00 mg./ mg.

-Brown Algae Extract 150.00 mg./ mg

-Conjugated Linoleic Acid 44% 120.00 mg./ mg

-Mulberry Powder 110.00 mg./ mg

-L-Phenylalanine 110.00 mg./ mg

-Green Coffee Bean Extract 90.00 mg./ mg.


Direction : 

1-2 tablets at a time, 15 minutes before meals for quenching the fat entering during the day.


Warning:  Children and pregnant women should not take.  Keep away from children and sunlight.

Callox Weight Loss Control Slim Block Fast Burn Break Diet Firm 30 capsules

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