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Condition: New
Size: 20 grams per piece
Quantity: 1 Box
Infused with Goji Berry extract
 • Luxurious, creamy texture for a rich feel.
 • Naturally whitens and brightens the complexion.
 • Enriched with Snow Lotus extracts.
 • Promotes the removal of acne and diminishes scars.
 • Reduces dark pigmentation for a lighter complexion.
 • Fades freckles and dark spots.
 • Stimulates collagen production for youthful-looking skin and tighter pores.
 • Leaves skin smooth, firm, white, and clear.
 • Contains Korean ginseng extracts to combat free radicals.
 • Strengthens facial skin cells, yielding visible results within 1 week.
 • Glutathione combats free radicals and reduces melanin pigmentation responsible for dull skin and wrinkles, while also diminishing the intensity of dark circles.
 • Alpha arbutin and collagen tighten pores and improve skin texture for a smooth, firm, white, and clear complexion.
 • Deeply nourishes the skin with Korean ginseng.
 • Snow Lotus extract addresses acne concerns effectively.
How to use: Apply on face and neck at night.

4K Plus5X Goji Berry Whitening Night Cream Anti-aging Reduce Dark Spots 20 g

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