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Serum Vit C Single Serum Whitening Cream with Ginseng Cream Serum to brighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, add moisture, reduce dark spots.


Condition : New


Brand        : White Perfect


Ingredient : - Vit C serum vitamin C concentrated.

                     - Anti Oxidation inhibitors that work best. Concentrated 

                       vitamin C Helps to clear the skin.

                     - Reduces dark spots, inhibits the bacteria, exfoliate skin 

                     cells gently.

                     - And create a new skin that radiant to replace. Suitable 

                    for people with Dark skin.

                   - Black knee elbows do not cause skin peeling. Can be 

                     used on all skin types.  


How to use        :   Apply lotion before applying lotion or lotion before 

                                   applying body lotion.


5 x Vit C White Perfect Serum 30ml

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