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Colla Vit+ by PLATEROON Collagen Pure Pure + Vitamin C


Size: 1 Pack=60 capsules

Quantity: 10 Packs


What is colla vit C


Colla Vit = Combine collagen and Vitamin C that help skin whitening in a single capsule.

Finish all skin problems Ability in absorbed into the body Higher collagen than normal.


Main Benefit of Colla Vit C


- Activate Collagen Production in Body

- Anti Early Aging and all kind of wrinkle.

- Healthy Skin, Look radiant and younger .

- Skin whitening look lighter, more bright.

- Strengthen skin and nail.

- Reduce Acne and prevent repeat acne problem

- Prevent skin from pollution and Sunlight.

- Refresh your skin even sleepless.

- Reduce Scar and smoother skin.


Main Ingredient of each 1 capsule


  - Collagen peptide 200 mg

  - Vitamin C (Aerobics Acid) 80 mg

  - Capsule NO.0  90 mg

   Total weight  470 mg


Direction: take 2-4 capsules everyday before bed time


Colla Vit+ by PLATEROON Collagen Pure Pure + Vitamin C


10x Veera Colla Vit C Plus Skin Whitening Brighten Lightening

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