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Vitamins accelerate skin One tablet fulfills all skin needs. No harmful residue 100% absorption seen from the first box.


Features of Aura Bright:

- Acne face slick bounce

- Both front and white aura.

- Protect your skin from the sun is not sensitive.

- Smooth skin with a soft look healthier.

- Skin is flexible, compact super bright.

- Tighten pores, dark spots, acne scars fade.

- The surface is emitting a lot of time out in the sun. White aura around.

- Even restless does not shabby.

- Nutrients in one grain of complete geek.



How to eat : 

Allina Plus Super Vitamin: Eating before bedtime 1 capsule (acceleration formula: Take one more capsule before breakfast.


Quantity:  1 box (15 capsule per box)          

Expiration Date: At least 1 year from shipping date


Allina Plus Premium Super Vitamin, L-Gluta Q10 Whitening Skin Reduce Aging

SKU: 0012
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