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Size: 60 capsules / Pack
Quantity: 1 Bottle
Notification number: 11-1-14153-1-0096
Product Description
Our collagen is Basic collagen Not being chemical, not mixing flour, not mixing sugar, not mixing harmful substances Is pure collagen imported from Japan 
Collagen Tripeptide is a collagen that is digested with acid. Until getting the smallest particle size
Also known as Hydrolyzed Collagen, which is much smaller in size, indicates Better absorption efficiency
ANA Colly 100% Collagen peptide Whitening Anti-aging Pack: 60 capsules
NaAna Colly is Ana Colly Collagen Ana Collly is a premium grade collagen. Made from Japan, not with fat. Make the skin strong Not sensitive to sunlight
- Helps increase skin strength
- Reduce dark circles, clear skin
- White, both facial and body skin
- Fade dark spots and scars
- Non-toxic, continuous
- Nourish hair and nails
How to eat: 2 capsules a day, eat before bedtime or stomach

Ana Colly Plus Collagen Dark Spot Pure Peptide Skin Bright Acne Whitening 60 Cap

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