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Ayla Beauty Centella concentrate Serum for Wrinkle Acne Melasma Dark Spot 15ml


**THAI FDA APPROVED No : 13-1-6400029907


Ayla Beauty Centella Concentrate Serum is for Calming Acne and helps the skin to become smoother. It helps glowing and radiant skin. This Centella Serum has special formula to reduce melasma , dark spots, blemishes and acne, giving your skin radiant, soft and smoother and have Good Skin. 



** Help brighten skin

** Reduce Melasma and dark spot

** Radiant, Soft and Smoother skin

** Reduce oiliness on skin

** Moisturize skin

** Reduce wrinkles

** Suitable for all skin types



Active Ingredients :


**Centella​ Asiatica​ Leaf Extract helps heal the wound, bruise and burns. It reduces inflammation and acne scar


**Tea Tree Oil 


**Niacinamide​ : Vitamin B3 has low Niacin and purity. It is useful for skin to reduce wrinkle, and Hyperpigment, nourish skin and help skin to produce Collagen and Ceramide, reduce Irritation and Sebum Excretion.


**Hamamelis Virginiana Bark/Leaf/Twig Extract (Witch Hazel)


**Sodium Hyaluronate​ 


**Hydrolyzed Collagen  : Moisturize skin, Reduce wrinkle


**Panthenol ​: Vitamin B5 can be absorbed to the skin and change to Pantothenic Acid or Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is good for skin.


**Allantoin :  Nourish skin


**Alpha Arbutin : It is plant extract. Alpha Arbutin resists Oxidation of enzyme in human body. This process helps resist Melanin which causes skin pigmentation 

**Glecerin : Moisture Skin and be compatible to all skin types


How to use : Apply to face for the first step of skincare in the morning and before bedtime


Size : 15ml





Ayla Beauty Centella concentrate Serum for Wrinkle Acne Melasma Dark Spot

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