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DeTenny Fiber Detox Dietary Supplement 10 Sachets Natural Cleansing colon
DeTenny Fiber Detox Help Reduce constipation. Cleanse the colon Helps the intestines clean. Better absorption of nutrients. It also helps in weight loss and shape. And help balance the digestive system, reduce the smell of the bush is a great help for people who do not like to eat vegetables.
Features of Detenny Detenny
- help toxins in the intestine. Reduce and control weight. Reduce constipation.
- Helps lose weight by natural means.
- accelerate metabolism in the body.
- Help the digestive system to normal. Reduces the amount of toxins in the intestine. And help increase the area to absorb food.
- 100% natural extracts
- see the results from the first envelope.
- not stomach pain
- Extract the most in the market.
Benefit from Detenny Detox
- make the system better. And excrement is time.
- The intestine absorbs food better.
- Reduce and control weight.
- Helps reduce constipation.
- Helps the digestive system to function normally.
- Help the digestive system function normally.
Ingredients: chitosan, fructo oligosaccharide powder, cyanuric powder, oat fiber, strawberry powder, pineapple powder, Spinach, spinach, berry extract, alpha-extract, guar gum, apple extract, wheatgrass extract, kiwi extract
How to eat well.
Dissolve product Cool with 120-150 ml of water to drink completely. And drink a lot of water. For good results (1-2 hours before bedtime)
Note: 24-1-20555-1-0108
Size 10 Sachet

DeTenny Fiber Detox Dietary Supplement 10 Sachets Natural Cleansing Colon New

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