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Donut Collagen 10000 mg Cherry White Supplements Skin Care Brightening 1 Box
Condition      :  100% Brand new, seal, never used , never  opened
Quantity        :  1 Box
Size               :  10 sachets 
Donut Collagen Donut Collagen Donut Collagen 10000 mg
Donuts Collagen - White Supplements Coffees Chef and Miracle Perfect
Secret formula of a smooth face bright white. The skin is gradually firm, reduce wrinkles, freckles and freckles.
Make the skin whitening again, adding beauty to the style of donut collagen.
How to eat Thaw 1 product in plain water or 1 cup cold water (150-200 ml)
The people until they are dissolved (eat 1 packet a day).
No. 11-1-07356-1-0001
Package contains 10 bags (20,000 mg / pack)


Donut Collagen 10000 mg Collagen Tripeptide Innovation Skin Care Brightening

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