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Gluta Berry 200000 mg Drink PUNCH

Increases energy and aura white Body, white rice to Face Fade freckles, dark spots and quickly absorbed by the sensitivity is not dangerous. White peak selling extremely white skin, firm berry juice glutathione 200000 mg. Mixed with collagen to 10000 mg. Of fruit berries extract. Which provides antioxidant lot.  It nourishes the skin Page youthful Bright white glow aura. 

For Only 1 box you will get the good result soon


Benefits :                                                       

   - Supreme white skin 

   - Boost up collagen, reduce premature aging

   - Remove dark spot & scar 

   - Tighten pore

   - Healthy skin, hair, nails


Ingredients :

   - Glutathione                                           200000 mg.

   - Berry mix                                              100000 mg.

   - Fish hydrolyzed collagen                      200000 mg.

   - Pine bark extract                                        100 mg.

   - Grape seed extract                                     100 mg.

   - Co enzyme Q10                                           500 mg.

   - Vitamin C                                                     100 mg.

   - Glycine                                                         100 mg.


Direction : Dissolve 1 sachet in cold water 100-150 ml. (Or according to taste) Use a spoon to stir well and drink immediately after breakfast - lunch - dinner.


Caution :
- Children, pregnant women and those with Comorbidities should not eat.
- This product is not a drug, no effect on disease prevention or treatment. 
- Results may vary depending on the individual.
- Should keep in the shade, airy, do not put in the smelly. Keep out light and heat.
- Should eat a variety of all 5 group in the right proportions on a regular basis.


Gluta Berry 200000 mg Drink PUNCH Reduce freckles Whitening Skin

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