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J-Hair Serum Gel Hair Serum, grow hair, grow mustache provide 100% safety.
( 1 Box 30 ml . )
"JHair serum" hair and scalp nourishing products are made from the main extracts: Fuji Mulberry Root Extract, Mulberry Root Helps stimulate hair growth And stimulate hair root cells to create new hair instead, Fuji Bungiro Leave Extract Guava leaf extract That inhibits the action of the Androgen hormone on the hair root that causes thin hair to fall off
In addition, Ganoderma lucidum helps to restore the scalp. Stimulate blood circulation better, affecting the regeneration of hair, shiny black hair, making hair roots strong. Slow down the premature gray hair and mee leaves help nourish the scalp. Kill fungus and reduce hair loss With the technology from the Fuji Mulberry Root extract, Guava Leaf, Reishi (Lingzhi), Litsea Glutinosa and others.
Why JHair Serum?
- Concentrated extracts
- Hair is pretty black.
- Scalp, not dandruff
- Helps to strengthen the hair root
- Kill fungus and prevent hair loss.
Product Details !! Special !! J-Hair Serum Gel Hair Serum, grow hair, grow mustache
+ Contains safe does not adversely affect the body
+ Helps in continuous hair growth
+ Helps to grow hair / mustache, beard / eyebrows
+ Solve problems with thin hair caused by heredity or hormones
+ Slow hair formation
+ Stimulate new hair follicles
+ Restoring and healing the scalp
+ Inhibit hormonal action Androgen is a major cause of birth.
+ Thin hair falls out, has a pungent aroma.
When using JHair serum on a regular basis, 4-6 weeks will help increase the blackness of the hair to be shiny, strong, look stylish.
J-Hair is the first product in Thailand. Used to extract mulberry as a hair nourishing serum. We choose raw materials and extracts that provide 100% safety.
Item : J-Hair Serum
Condition : Brand new, sealed, never opened
Quantity : 1 box sealed
Size : 30 ml.
How to use JHair serum
- Drops of serum, hair and scalp with a gentle massage to stimulate circulation. Subsets access to permeate the scalp and help root hair cells healthy.
- Serum into hair And rubber deep scalp.
- Let it not be washed out. Mitchell is not sticky Or make hair greasy during the day.


J-Hair Serum Gel Hair Serum, grow hair, grow mustache provide 100% safety

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