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Condition      :  100% Brand new, seal, never used , never  opened

Quantity        :  1 Box

Size               :  Cream 1 Pcs.  20g.

                         Serum 1 Pcs.  20g.

                         Night Cream 1 Pcs. 20g.



Pervious restoring skin set mini (Perfume) Mineral Face Recovery Set 10 g.

Pervious Prenatal Skin Cream provides a soft, supple, radiant complexion. This cream is a safe and comprehensive treatment in basic skin care, whether acne, freckles, freckles, redness, or skin color can be seen with restoring skin set. Even allergic to creams or cosmetics, we care for you and will not be disappointed ....... Safety Certification

- natural white face

- Reduce it on the face.

- Protect the skin from pollution.

- Restore healthy skin.

- The black markings from the red down noticeably.

- Freckles to see results.

- acne inflammation acne pus head collapse

- The rash disappears quickly.

- Solve the girl in the face with the face.

- The face is not clear.


3-piece leather restoration kit consists of


1. Derma clear magic cream

Skin conditioner to rejuvenate sensitive skin.

How To use: Apply before bedtime

Note number 10-1-5820109


2. Magicial Lightening Serum

Helps soften skin cells. Make your skin look radiant and radiant.

How To use: Apply morning and before bedtime.

Notification number: 10-1-5430055


3. Aurawhite face cream plus night cream

White skin. It is a natural urgent help drive out all types of acne, reduce black spots, freckles, no side effects after use.

How To use: Apply morning and before bedtime.

The number is 10-1-5820213.

Size 20 g.

Pervious Restoring Skin Set mini Cream Serum Night Cream 3 Pcs. Size 20g.

SKU: 0005
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